We all have an image of cloth diapering in our mind, and for most of us it’s based on old movies, what our mothers and grandmothers have told us, and societal myths. Want to know what cloth diapering in the 21st century is really like? Let’s break down a few myths…

1. Myth: You’ll constantly be pricking yourself and the baby with pins.

Fact: While simple, affordable cloth diapers involving pins are still available, the vast majority of cloth diapers on the market today are just as easy to use as disposables. With velcro and snap closures and stay-dry lining, putting on a disposable is as quick as putting on a cloth diaper, like the AMPĀ or the Applecheeks pocket diaper.

2. Myth: They’re a pain to wash.

Fact: You do want to use the proper detergent and be sure you’re using enough water in the wash cycle, but a pre-rinse, regular wash cycle and extra rinse are all it takes to wash diapers, and most can go in the dryer. With 24 diapers you only need to wash twice a week.

3. Myth: You’ll have to rinse in the toilet.

Fact: Nope. Once a baby has started solids it’s a good idea to use a flushable liner, but until then, just throw the dirty diaper straight into the pail. Today’s washing machines have got what it takes to clean dirty cloth diapers.

4. Myth: Washing cloth diapers uses so much water it’s actually WORSE for the environment than using disposables.

Fact: The most recent studies have found that cloth diapering has a similar ecological footprint to disposable diapering, when diapers are put in the dryer every time and only used for one child. This does not take into account the quantity of diapers ending up in the landfill, just manufacturing. The fact is, it’s extremely rare for parents to use their cloth diapers for only one child – most are used for two-three children, whether in the same family or handed down to another.

5. Myth: Cloth diapers are expensive.

Fact: You are looking at a $300-800 initial investment, but compare that with the $2000-3000 you’ll spend on disposables and it doesn’t look so bad. Then factor in subsequent children and the savings only increase!!

6. Myth: Cloth diapers stink.

Fact: Use a recommended detergent and keep fabric softeners, diaper cream and dryer sheets off your diapers (using flushable liners when appropriate) and your baby’s bum won’t smell any worse than the chemical fumes wafting from the disposables on the next baby.

7. Myth: It’s all or nothing.

Fact: Many parents happily use a combination of cloth and disposables, or one or the other along with a hybrid system like the Flip!. Using even some cloth will save you money and keep diapers out of the dump.

8. Myth: You baby will get more rashes in cloth.

Fact: Statistically, babies get fewer rashes in cloth than in disposables.

9. Myth: If you didn’t cloth diaper your baby, it’s too late to get cloth for potty training.

Fact: Using cloth training pants will save you a boatload of money and help your child train faster. Buying big bags of disposable training pants that need to go in the garbage even when they’re not wet doesn’t make much sense, especially when they’re incorporating technology that allows your child to feel when they’re wet – a built-in feature of cloth.

10. Myth: Cloth diapers leak.

Fact: Many cloth diapers are better at holding in leaks and blowout poops than many disposable brands. It’s true!


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